Banana Recordings Catalogue

Fierce Panda Records is a London-based independent record label, with its first release in February 1994. Between 2004-2007 Banana Recordings  and Fierce Panda Records handled several budding artists: Ella Guru, Eileen Rose, and Art Brut. Banana Recordings acted as management as are credited as copyright for a number of their artists’ songs.

When I interviewed one of the sound technicans about what it was like, he said it was never crazy during the recording sessions for these artists unlike some other he could mention (but chose not to share the names). Opps, take that back, he does remember one session when an American groupie was attending one of the sessions and complained that there was such a weak internet signal in the studio that they were unable to get onto any of the sites of their favorite online casinos in united states. Like what the f@7%! Here we have a gambling addict complaining about the internet service or lack there of, when Eileen Rose was laying down tracks. Come on now. Apparently when Eileen was recording Come the Storm in the US, this same groupie won big at the online slot machines at some online casino called SlotoCash and ever since believed if he played while Eileen was recording, he would win big again. Talk about crazy! The guy threw such a hissy fit that he was escorted out of the session and into another room with better internet reception.. The guy's luck did hold and he won again at slots! Can you believe that?

Below is the catalogue of the artists and albums / singles associated with Banana Recordings.


Ella Guru

Ella Guru, the group, originated from the fecund Liverpool, England-based music scene in early 2000’s. They avoided psychedelic rock,  preferring a delicate take on the country-politan soul-squad performed by Low and Kurt Wagner’s Lambchop. The band’s one nod to the 1960’s experimental psychedelia of Captain Beefheart was by naming themselves after a song from the legendary Trout Mask Replica album.

With the intention of creating something different from the standard three- and four-piece set-ups, the singer and guitarist John Yates formed Ella Guru in 2002.
Eight musicians eventually became associated with Ella Guru with Kate Walsh (vocals), Christian Burwood (guitar), Bren Moore (drums), Nik Kavanagh (bass), Nick Kellington (ukulele/cornet), and Bob Pickin.

Because their music created a hushed ambiance during their live shows, the band often asked their audience members to restrain from making too much noise! Ella Guru made their recording debut in 2003 with the 3 Songs From Liverpool EP, recorded and released by Banana Recordings.

  • 3 Songs From Liverpool ‎(CD, EP)  2003
  • Augustus Golden ‎(CDr, Single)   2004
  • The First Album (Album)   2004
  • Augustus Golden ‎(7", Single, Ltd)   2004
  • Park Lake Speakers (Single)   2004
  • Park Lake Speakers ‎(7", Single, Ltd)   2004
  • Park Lake Speakers ‎(DVDr, DVD-V, Prom)   2004


Eileen Rose

An American singer-songwriter, Eileen Rose, is known for her diverse Americana music. She has toured Europe and the US extensively with her band The Holy Wreck, to promote her 5 solo studio albums.

Teaching herself to read music and play the guitar, Eileen Rose started writing songs as a teenager. She gave up studying law to begin performing on the local Boston music scene. After releasing a self-funded folk album and fronting Boston based indie-rock bands, Rose moved to the UK in 1991, living in north London.  It was nine hard years before she finally released in  the UK in October 2000, a debut album, Shine Like It Does. A second album followed two years later, Long Shot Novena, through Rough Trade in the UK and Compass records in the US.

Returning to the US in 2003, she taught herself to play the piano.  During a winter stay on the island of Martha's Vineyard Rose write new songs that eventually became the album, Come the Storm. It was released in the UK on Banana Records in October 2005. In the US the album was released in 2007 on Judy Collins own label, Wildflower Records.

Initial Release date: October 2005
Artist: Eileen Rose
Label: Banana Recordings
Come The Storm ‎(CD, Album)   2007


Art Brut

Art Brut is a Berlin-based English and German indie rock band.  The band with front man Eddie Argos, was formed in 2003. Less than a year later they released their first single in the UK, “Formed a Band” reaching No. 52 on the UK Singles Chart.

The highest-charting single on Fierce Panda / Banana Recording is Art Brut’s single, “Emily Kane” from the 2005 “Bang Bang Rock & Roll” album. Its follow up, “It's a Bit Complicated,” was released on 25 June 2007.

  • Bang Bang Rock & Roll ‎(LP, Blu) 2005      
  • Bang Bang Rock & Roll ‎(LP, Album) 2005
  • Bang Bang Rock & Roll ‎(LP, Album, Ora) 2005
  • Emily Kane ‎(7", Single) 2005
  • Emily Kane ‎(CD, Single) 2005
  • Good Weekend ‎(7", Single) 2005
  • Good Weekend ‎(7", Single) 2005
  • Art Brut - Modern Art / My Little Brother ‎(CD, Single)
    Fierce Panda
    NING164CD 2004
  • Art Brut - Good Weekend
    Fierce Panda, Banana Recordings
    Released: 26 Sept 2005
  • Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll ‎(CD, Album)
    Fierce Panda, Banana Recordings
    Released: 2005